Sadly due to Covid 19, Singing for fun is temporarily closed.

The choir where enthusiasm is more important than ability!

Here at Singing for Fun, we believe that making music shouldn't just be for those few who happen to have experience or lucky enough to have had a singing background.

It should be for everyone that loves to sing!

We all learn together, celebrating our achievements and laughing together when it doesn't quite go right.

Many people come to their first session and the first thing they say is that they can't sing. It doesn't matter even if this is true (!) but in most cases they are amazed at what they can do even after a couple of hours.

The most important thing about our sessions is that everyone enjoys themselves and has fun - after all, that's what we're all about!

We currently have three groups - two in Nailsea and one in Portishead. Have a look at the page for each group to find out more about them.